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Hi, my name is Candace White, an Indianapolis native with a passion for several things. I have been a free lance make-up artist for many years however with my hectic travel schedule having an open calendar for my clients is a bit of a challenge. I have been a gymnast and a competitive cheerleader all of my life which lead me to the field of judging cheerleading professionally on a national level. Also I am a cheerleading coach and a tumbling teacher- so it's safe to say I let kids beat up on me! While teaching tumbling the occasional punch in the face while you are spotting a back handspring is always a great time.I enjoy the sport of gymnastics and cheerleading very much & enjoy the children I am blessed to interact  with even more. I am a girl who loves fashion and all things designer however I have a love for thrifting as well- this is what I like to call "Balling on a Budget". I love travel & all the experiences you can obtain from learning from another culture. Please join me on my journey while I navigate through life with the things I love and also with the things I learn.

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