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Weather Woes

Not sure about you but this weather is stressful. Not only stressful because the winter is awful and cold, but it also causes so much stress on the skin. If you're anything like me, your skin gets so dry to the point that it hurts. I also struggle with eczema which means I have to put more effort than normal to make sure I stay moisturized. Keeping your face moisturized & exfoliated helps with better application of your make-up and less break outs or skin irritation. Coconut oil I have found out works great for my skin in all seasons. A small amount goes such a long way. Quality oil seems to be so high priced, there are some great quality products for a fraction of the cost.

OutKast -"So fresh and so clean" pops in my head when I think about application. Clean brushes are an absolute must! Make a habit of cleaning your brushes at the bare minimum of twice per month. The brush cleaning process over time has become easier and easier. They now have make-up brush machines that make the process even less tedious than it has been in years past. With the combination of proper skin care & clean brushes, winter wear and application of make-up should be seamless.

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