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Elements, Earth, Exploration & Europe.

Europe has such a special place in my heart so many great things to explore & experience. I have completed over 40 flights back and forth to Europe in the last 3 plus years and I still feel like I have so much more to uncover. I have learned so many things the hard way -now they are laughable memories for me. My first trip to Paris in the fall of 2015 - I am getting all dolled up - here I go getting ready to do my hair . Reach for my flatiron to plug into the wall and realize I didn't pack any plug converters for Europe. Oh my goodness what am I going to do? My hair is mess and I need to curl it like right now- luckily the hotel had converters for sale for an unprepared traveler like myself. Amazon has everything you need, here is a link to my favorite adapter that I order over and over. If you are going to pack a american blower dryer I would suggest buying a converter to take with you. Find the product at this link men this goes for you as well for your clippers. I have blown a converter with a hair dryer & knocked out all the power in the whole apartment building as well just trying to do my hair due to it being the wrong wattage. Make sure to check the wattage of your items vs. what the converter can hold.

Be prepared with your off-time as well when you aren't exploring the city. Want to have a chill day with just relaxation and Netflix? That would be nice if Netflix worked everywhere overseas but unfortunately it doesn't in every country. Turkey being one of those places. There are so many great shortcuts to help you with this. Unblock- us is super simple and easy to install, every computer or other Internet-enabled device has an address. It's made up of numbers, like a street address. They give you an address where the sites & content you want can be accessed no matter where you are. Don't forget to pack your HDMI cord to connect your computer to the TV- because even if there is a TV you won't be able to understand anything coming from it. Traveling abroad can be such an adventure or headache depending on which side of the preparation you fall. I hope something I have shared can help you with your upcoming travels. Explore and Create endless memories.



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