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“Goodwill to Gucci”

     Thrift shops are my favorite places for inspiration, you never know what you’re going to find.  It’s a treasure hunt.I have been thrifting for as long as I could remember, going on the hunt with both my grandmother and mom to find that one unique item that no one else would have in their closet or just to be cost effective. Thrifting sometimes can be therapeutic time alone to clear your head  and be creative or time to just hang out and enjoy with a friend. You could be free flowing with no expectations & then when you least expect it WHABAM! You come across a gem or something you can't pass up, this makes the trip even more worth it! Take for example this unisex white tuxedo shirt. When I first picked it up, I knew it needed a little TLC because of a couple slight defects - missing button & small stain. Jackpot, I knew it would cost me nothing to bring it back to life and in wearing condition for the look you see in this photograph.

  This shirt cost me a whopping 50 cents! All I did was clean it and iron it - I didn't even replace the missing button because I knew I was going to tie the shirt in a knot… added a few vintage broaches from my jewelry box & ouuuhhhhweeee. What was once a dull, lack luster tuxedo shirt I turned into a trendy & stylish BOMB A$$ street wear look for dinner with the fam. While thrifting it is important to not dwell on the flaws of a garment but seeing the potential in a piece is key.

  The current state may not be what you hoped for; however, with a little love and cleaning it could be a WOW statement piece as an addition to your crafty closet of favorite finds. Also, don't be afraid to mesh it up a bit by mixing the highs with the lows, thrifted items with designer items. I call this look – from “Goodwill to Gucci”. There isn't a rule book to fashion, do what you want when you want. I love name brands just like the next ; however, I really enjoy thrifting to find some cool items that don't put a dent in my pocket 😊. Take a visit to your local thrift store, vintage shop or Goodwill and see what they have on the racks waiting for you to spice up!



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