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Home Office on a Budget

Do you find yourself working from home often? For many of us that are expanding and doing something outside of our corporate jobs – you may find yourself doing work from the bed or couch. I have found that having a dedicated space for your work both professional and personal increases productivity. I gave myself a small budget of $100 to create a space that was easy to put together and functional. Don’t worry about having a big space – I used a small blank wall to turn into my home office. I knew I didn’t want to use an actual desk as the area I was working with wasn't very spacious. My first task was searching for a slab of wood that was within the measurements of my wall. I stumbled upon this piece of wood for $15 in the clearance section at IKEA, it already had a finish on it that matched my color scheme so it was perfect. Next, was a stop to Five Below as I wanted a few floating shelves & wanted to stay within my budget. I found a 3- pack of shelves for $5 and a metal outline of the letter “C” for $3.

At this point I still had some money left for some wall art, I stumbled upon so many options at the store At Home and finally narrowed down my choice totaling $24.99. Also, pick things that make you happy aesthetically – for me that was picking up some greenery for the space. I grabbed 2 from At Home and one from IKEA - all totatling $5 or under. Since the space had mostly the same 3 colors – I added a wooden battery operated light for one of the shelves from At Home for $12.99. The final step was to find the metal brackets to hold up my desk – Menards for the win for $3. This small space concept can be also used for a kids area for an at home work area to complete homework or their creative space for crafts. Use your imagination, see your space and make it happen!



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