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Send Nudes

Nudes are always a safe place even if you are someone who doesn't wear make-up often or scared to try new things. Earth tones can be used to create so much dimension and contour on the face without using any colors. It doesn't matter how small or big your make-up collection is a good nude pallet should always be within reach. A good earth tone eye can shut down things a color pallet could never. Lips are just are just as important as a brown liner and a nude lipstick will seal the deal.

You don't have to be experienced to try new make-up looks and things at home. Just grab some of your products and get to practicing. You can create eye dimension and depth with two colors, for instance a light shimmery gold accompanied by matte dark brown in your crease. This will give your eye depth even if you don't have a large lid to work with. Earth tone blushes with a medium to light setting power will give your face that contour feel and look without looking heavy or caked on. To top the nude look throw on a strip lash to really make your eyes pop and don't be afraid to add a light dusting of the base shadow from your lid in your inner eye corners. Also, add a gold base highlighter to that check bone and the tip of your nose and you are ready! Nudes are playful, sexy and captivating. Grab a pallet and try it out!.

With Love, Candy

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