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New Year -New Me Right?

New Year, New Me, Right? Wrong! Same Me Different Habits. We always commonly hear people making New Year resolutions to themselves that 9 times out of 10 don't last through the month of January. I have learned through the years that overwhelming yourself with all these new expectations on top of your current life is somewhat stressful. I am a very organized person by nature, so some things may come to me easier than others. I have a regular cadence of how I handle things that in-turn helps things run smoothly. Everyone loves a to-do list right? Start making a list daily, only if it's a few things - the gratification you get from crossing those items off can be very satisfying. Everyone is busy in their own regard, take time to go snatch you a planner. Planners are your best friend, they help you align and plan your year accordingly. I have a planner for work that keeps me on track with my professional goals and the things I want to accomplish for the calendar year. I also keep a personal planner so I can track personal appointments, meetings and tasks that need to be completed.

Try this, start making deals with yourself. I started doing this a long time ago & I find that it is very effective. So for instance, every day & week I set goals and make a to-do list. If by the end of the week I haven't accomplished or tackled everything on the list, then I can't shop or spend any money on the weekend. As silly as it may sound,it is an extra push from myself to handle the business that needs to be done. Maybe that specific deal doesn't work for you however, try something else. What is your guilty pleasure? Is it treating yourself to a nice meal? Buying yourself something nice for the house? Emptying your cart on Amazon? Binge watching on Netflix? Everyone has something they like to do as a reward to themselves. Take those rewards and turn them into incentives to get things done. I know I am not the only one who has seen a reoccurring item continuously make it from one to-do list to another and you look up and it has been 6 months and it's still not done. Tackle 2019 head on, don't waste your own time and for sure don't let anyone else waste your time. PERIOD! Grab that planner, make that to-do list and get things done!

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