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Knocking on 35’s door, no children, no house, not married AND that’s OK!

Most often we are very hard on ourselves for not having accomplished life’s milestones; that is, in comparison to others. Like so many other women and men in the world, it’s challenging to not notice the accomplishments of others in your peer group when the timeline of your own aspirations haven’t aligned. Everyone has their own desires, drive and goals – timeline driven or not! However, I’ve learned more times than once to stray away from using a timeline as my metric for things I seek after in this life. Honestly, it’s just too much pressure! I am now focusing on what makes me truly happy in the ‘right now’.

The things that I’ve prayed most urgently for will happen when it’s my season. My season is just that; my season. Continue to remind yourself that as well. More importantly I’ve prayed for the strength to trust God’s plan for my life. (Jeremiah 29:11). Also, praying for the continued strength to be able to handle things that may not occur. In your waiting period as you continue to see the next gender reveal, engagement, wedding ceremony, baby shower, job promotion or house buying, simply celebrate others! Clap, cheer and show that love because it will come back to you! It’s much easier said than done; however, ultimately when it’s your time people will hopefully uplift you just the same. All of our timelines won’t be aligned that’s just the way this works. What GOD has for you; it’s FOR YOU!


Candace ❤️


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